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Sally McRae Strength App Success Stories

  • I love to run and I run about 50K a week. I have also been doing some strength training because I know that I need to strengthen my weak spots (glutes).

    This challenge has been perfect because it has challenged me.

    It has challenged me to think outside my box, like training strength before or after a workout. I will also incorporate the dynamic warm ups and the mobility which I think is very important.

    Love from Sweden

  • The challenge was incredible! I feel so much stronger as a runner than I did before doing this challenge. I plan to continue using Sally’s workouts to get even stronger as I train for more races.

  • This challenge was awesome! I did it in conjunction with training for my second 50k, in just over a week! I did less running with this training cycle than I did with my first 50k but I felt like I was more smart about my running. I feel so much stronger overall, my mobility, balance, and strength have had great improvements. I liked the combination of the strength with the specific run workouts. Rather than just running a certain mileage or number of days per week. I am happy to incorporate these into my regular fitness routine and continue to build on it!

  • This challenge was so fun and invigorating! I loved the opportunity to meld strength and running, my favorite workouts were the strength run intervals. Thank you for your focus on mobility and being kind and nurturing to our bodies. Looking at these photos makes me motivated to start paying more attention to my nutrition and feeding my engine better, I’d love to see some leaning out. You are an absolute inspiration and I especially love your authenticity. I cannot WAIT for your book! Keep shining your bright light!

  • I know I already shared with you, but this challenge helped me find my love of running again. I started out the challenge fit and with a good routine but couldn't mentally get through some challenges with running. By the end I was running 17 miles, and feeling more confident that it didn't matter that I wasn't as fast as I was, I was still strong and making so much progress. Thank you so very much for this challenge!

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    Programs designed for you

    You will find strength workouts for all levels; discussions on mental training; keys to staying injury-free; and monthly member-only live talks on my community page. You will also find information on nutrition, my favorite gear & life balance; and you’ll have the opportunity to message me directly via the app.

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    What's inside

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    Running Foundations

    • Basic movements targeting vital areas to keep you strong & injury-free

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I'm Sally, and this is my story

When I signed my first pro contract as a runner 8 years ago, I was continually scrutinized for my muscular build. I responded by continually championing the importance of building a strong and powerful body as a way to endure the long miles and hours I spent training on the roads and mountains. Over the years, I've proved this training to be effective, keeping myself injury-free for almost a decade while racing my way to the top of podiums around the world. As a leader in the endurance community, I often use my platform to encourage others to focus more on choosing strength rather than trying to fit a one size fits all mold. My raw and down-to-earth approach to coaching has made me a frequently sought-after coach and speaker. I am also a wife, mother of two, and have owned my own coaching and fitness business for almost two decades. Born and raised in Southern California, you can find me logging 100+ miles a week along the coast and in my local mountains.

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